Company Live Credit Investment

Low Credit

Investment period - 77 days

Daily profitability 0.77% (Principal Return)

The minimum deposit - $ 7

Maximum deposit - $ 777


High Credit

Investment period - 77 days

Daily profit - 1.77% (Principal Return)

The minimum deposit - $ 777

Maximum deposit - $ 7777


Fast Credit

Investment period - 77 days

Daily profit 2.77% (Principal Return)

The minimum deposit - $ 7777

Maximum deposit -  $ 77777

For partners

Referral program developed by Live Credit Investment is a special offer for our business partners. 

After registration on the website, each user can become a partner and will automatically receive an opportunity to attract new investors to cooperate with Live Credit Investment.

Live Credit Investment Company provides two options for earning in program.

The usual referral program allows partners to earn a profit of 7% of the deposit, which made your referral to a personal account for future investment.


Loans online with the right approach to the working process is a great way to earn money and obtain a stable profits. Company Live Credit Investment - is a legal entity that provides funds in a secured loan under certain conditions. The company gives money borrowed under a certain percentage, and through an agreed period of time gets a refund of money issued a profit as a percentage.